The court is in session

A list of traitors:

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.

Laura Ingraham

Ralph Alvarado

Peter Thiel

All of you have been accused of treason against the very people you are – black, woman, Latino and gay. Your trials start now.

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., you are one Milwaukee county’s “finest” and an African American whose opening line for your Republican National Convention speech was “Blue lives matter in America.” The crowd, predictably, went wild, especially because they had a real live black man up at the big house doing their bidding. In your use of the bluelivesmatter line, you denigrated the entire idea of #blacklivesmatter, defaced the corpses of the black men killed by white cops and joined millions of whites in co-opting a black idea for their own antagonistic purposes. Ironically, one of the images in the audience after your clarion opener was of a blond, white woman holding a “Make Our Borders Safe Again” sign. Fear of brown people runs deep amongst nervous unconscious white women protecting the homestead from being overrun by ravening crowds of dark men intent on rape.

You went on to say that the “safety that many of us once took for granted is shattered.” You can’t be speaking from you own experience, because every black person I know has said they’ve never felt safe around the police, and why should they? Much of the police force is a tool of a white-empowered state choked by racism. The “actions of Occupy and Black Lives Matter violates the code [of law] we rely on. I call it anarchy.” The trouble with that precious code of law that you spent much of your speech defending is that the law, literal and tacit, does not stand up for all people equally. When the center doesn’t hold, anarchy, naturally, is loosed upon the world.

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. Guilty.

Laura Ingraham, we are not surprised by your chest-thumping for an America that never existed (read: the one your parents left you). Nor are we shocked by the black magic necromancy you employed to resurrect Ronald Reagan’s befuddled shade riding in on his white horse to save America from the clutches of Jimmy Carter. You spoke endlessly of respect, which your deceased mother taught you, and then had the temerity to say that Donald Trump “understands we have to restore respect across all levels of society.”

Ms. Ingraham, single mother of three adopted children, including one daughter, do these words mean anything to you?

“If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?”

“My favorite part [of Pulp Fiction] is when Sam has his gun out in the diner and he tells the guy to tell his girlfriend to shut up. Tell that bitch to be cool. Say: ‘Bitch be cool.’ I love those lines.”

Women are “fat pigs,” “slobs,” “dogs,” and “disgusting animals.”

“There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

Ah, respect, yes, I see how Donald Trump is the champion for respectful behavior, especially toward women. I bet your mother, who worked as a waitress until she was 73 and likely endured a misogynistic attitude or two over the course of working with men, would be proud of your endorsement for Trump, a man as bankrupt on respect as his businesses.

Laura Ingraham. Guilty.

Ralph Alvarado, you proudly declared that you’re the first Hispanic person to be voted into the Kentucky state assembly. You showed yourself to be a good Latino (and legal, you were quick to point out) raised by parents who taught you about “family values, discipline, love and faith in God.” Because of that hallowed upbringing by legal (did I say, legal?) immigrant parents you learned that “Hispanics believe what Republicans believe – traditional family values, church, faith in God, the dignity of work and the opportunity for self sufficiency that comes from a free society and a limited government.”

You also lamented the current state of the nation and addressed (in your own way) the terrible racism we continue to endure.

“Today we have a president who has not only failed to end racial tension, he has made us more divided than ever.”

So, naturally, you’re voting for Trump, who has categorized illegal immigrants as rapists and drug dealers intent on snatching good jobs from Americans. This past week, I helped set up a friend’s remodeled store. There were tons of construction crews, painters, electricians and a cleaning crew army. Not all of them spoke English. And I did wonder occasionally how many of them were illegal immigrants versus legal ones. But I can tell you they worked their asses off. Showed up early. Went home late. Did excellent work and probably didn’t get paid as much as they should have.

I also worked alongside a white woman who had a gig at a restaurant. She told me that working as a cook didn’t pay much because of all the illegals who take less money for the job. “They’re ruining it for us.”

My response: “To be completely fair, let’s not forget that the white employers are happily employing those people for less money. We can’t lay it on the workers’ heads.”

Back to Alvarado. Your parents did not work their asses off, learn another language and suffer discrimination so that you can support a man who has already deepened racial division just by running for office. Trump is digging into the shadow of white rage against you, but like a good Hispanic who believes in a religious system with a slave morality, you line up with the oppressor who’s only going to send your ass back over the border when he figures out how.

Ralph Alvarado. Guilty.

And finally Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal who doesn’t believe in democratic forms of government (see Rachel Maddow clip below). This one cuts deep.

“I am not a politician and neither is Donald Trump. He is a builder.”

Hailing from Silicon Valley where you’ve worked in startups for several years and are now a billionaire, you grew up in Cleveland and waxed rhapsodic over your memories of America’s great technological past. You then said how the country’s submarine bases are still using floppy disks and our fighter jets can’t even fly in the rain.

“A sad decline for the country that completed the Manhattan Project.”

Dude. You do know the Manhattan Project led to Hiroshima and the flesh-melting specter of a nuclear holocaust, right? Okay, just checking.

As a child, you said the great debate was about defeating the Soviet Union.

“Now, we’re told the great debate is who gets to use which bathroom…who cares?”

And then you said this:

“I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be a Republican, but most of all, I am proud to be an American.”

Standing ovation.

You can’t be proud to be gay and be a Republican. Because at the same Republican convention where you spoke about the pride of America’s nuclear ambitions and the pride you have in sucking dick (that is, if any self-respecting gay man will touch you after your antics), your party proved its colors. Again. It trounced same-sex marriage in its party platform along with any semblance of transgender rights.

In your rush to fit in, you stepped on everyone who fought for you to be able to declare who you are. You stepped on all the people dead throughout the centuries who were tried and killed for being queer. You stepped on every victim in the Orlando shooting. And you stepped on every man who ever deigned to love you and fuck you.

Peter Thiel. Guilty.

Each one of you has fallen into the bottomless well of greed and doublespeak that is the hallmark of conservative ideology. Each one of you has sold your people into the hands of slave masters who view you as chattel to be trotted out for their own desultory stabs at diversity, and each one of you has become a shame to your ancestors and your children.





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4 Responses to The court is in session

  1. Very powerful and dead-on accurate. In my view, these people are even worse than the true believers, who, at least, did not turn to devour their own.

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  2. Richard says:

    The whole sad, pathetic show would have fit perfectly in a third world country. We’re watching a con game being played on a mass audience. Unfortunately, many people are being sucked in.


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