The unrelenting, shrill fundamentalism of world religions has infected human spiritual development with a disfiguring disease, birthing a race of limping half-wits more interested in crawling towards their heavenly thrones than in swimming through the depths of the human soul. From cow-maddened Hindus to plane-crashing Muslims, from wig-wearing Jews to kid-fondling Christians, religious hegemonies and their leadership have categorically failed humanity.

The Weekly Scourge is a landing pad for all the doubters and disbelievers, all those weary of dogmatic browbeating, all those who know they’ve been had by men wearing muumuus and ridiculous chapeaus. Culling and commenting on the week’s news stories featuring a religious angle, the Scourge hopes to provoke, rile, entertain and, perhaps, enlighten.

Venetia Flagellants

The Scourge Himself

Greg Marzullo has studied world mythology and religions  with Tibetan dharma teachers, shamans, witches, mystics and yogic scholars for over twenty years. Having worked both as an award-winning journalist and a yoga teacher, Greg continues to be spellbound by religion and the idiocy it evokes in its adherents. For more of Greg’s writing and thoughts, you can purchase his book Bad Yogi: A Guidebook for the Rest of Us at Amazon, follow him on Instagram, Twitter (@greg_marzullo) or Facebook.


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