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The court is in session

A list of traitors: Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. Laura Ingraham Ralph Alvarado Peter Thiel All of you have been accused of treason¬†against the very people you are – black, woman, Latino and gay. Your trials start now. Sheriff David … Continue reading

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Scattered thoughts on revenge

Driving back from the northern cooler climes of Arizona, my husband and I saw three¬†white people carrying signs outside a Walmart: Rally for our police! Support our police! A woman with a smile on her face shook police-blue pom-poms at … Continue reading

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A letter to Congress on July 4th

Dear Congress, My name is Greg Marzullo. I am a 39 year-old gay man, and I’m writing to you from the American front. Corpses litter the ground around me. Those who aren’t dead are crippled in both body and mind. … Continue reading

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